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Dpsychic: utadahikaru :D RT @gustiGerdhasta: @Dpsychic itadakimasu !!!! ... ^^
Posted to the wire 4453 days ago via Blackberry Punya Temen.
Vidic_gal: united v milan ^^ cant wait for the big match =)) come on u reds
Posted to the wire 4461 days ago via mobile web.
efsibley: ^Twitbird Pro, now that I've installed the 3/1/10 update, the app asks me to input my iTunes password every single time I open it.
Posted to the wire 4465 days ago via Tweetie.
Cimbriano: ^Mint Trying to categorize a transaction with a newly saved category isn't working... change it from Uncategorized and it changes right back
Posted to the wire 4466 days ago via Tweetie.
flysonic10: ^Quickbooks [2010 for Mac] Ok.. looks like that issue had been fixed. I updated and it works now.
Posted to the wire 4467 days ago via Tweetie.
flysonic10: ^Quickbooks [2010 for Mac] Improperly calculates balance amount on statements prepared for email. Print statements are fine. This is urgent.
Posted to the wire 4467 days ago via Tweetie.

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