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Have you ever thought, "something's not right here and it can be fixed if I can just tell someone". Maybe you're at your computer wishing that a particular software would add a new and useful feature, or walking into the subway thinking, "there should be a better sign here".

Now, with bugtwits, you can tell someone. bugtwits is integrated with twitter. Simply login with your twitter details and post your bug. With bugtwits, you can search through everyone's posts and find out what's bugging people.

You only have 140 characters so be concise, yet detailed. We're not looking for long rants about why this or that needs to be fixed. Rather, we want short actionable observations that when fixed would make someone's user experience just a tad bit better.

Browse through posts to get a feel for the style. Before you post, read through our formatting guidelines on the Help page. Join bugtwits and start sharing your bugs today because there are problems and someone should fix them..

What is Bugtwits ?

Bugtwits is a socially-driven quality assurance application built on Twitter.

How do I use Bugtwits ?

Sign in with Twitter or create a new account.

Post about anything that interferes with a great user experience.

Important Tip: Just use a "^" in front of the product, service, or company that's bugging you. eg. ^iPhone, ^Facebook, appstore.

Vist the Help page for more info.