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William Wnekowicz

William Wnekowicz graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where he studied Management (MGMT) and Operations and Information Management (OPIM).

During his time at Georgetown, he co-founded, a non-profit joint project of DebateMedia, Inc. and the International Debate Education Association that seeks to be the Wikipedia for argumentation and debate. He managed its software development project, which adapted MediaWiki to a logic-tree debate structure. The site has to-date attracted over 1 million readers and editors.

William is now focused on building Altum Design Studios a print marketing, web design and iPhone development company. William takes the role as lead designer and developer of bugtwits.

Chris Imbriano

Chris Imbriano is a graduate of Bucknell University with a degree in Physics. A proponent of the 'user experience', it is because of his tweets of bugs and other annoyances that the concept of bugtwits was born. Chris takes the role of developer on this project (and chief bug poster).

What is Bugtwits ?

Bugtwits is a socially-driven quality assurance application built on Twitter.

How do I use Bugtwits ?

Sign in with Twitter or create a new account.

Post about anything that interferes with a great user experience.

Important Tip: Just use a "^" in front of the product, service, or company that's bugging you. eg. ^iPhone, ^Facebook, appstore.

Vist the Help page for more info.