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NStabile: ^iPhone I love you more than life itself, but your battery life is killing me.
Posted to the wire 5227 days ago via bugtwits.
NStabile: ^iphone [iPod] buggy music interface. Displaying multiple copies of albums, no artwork at times.
Posted to the wire 5182 days ago via Twitterrific.
Cimbriano: ^attwifi, go screw. You never work. ^iPhone, stop defaulting to wifi when 3G is faster.
Posted to the wire 5177 days ago via Twitterrific.
efsibley: ^iphone mail, why don't you have an RSS function? I don't want a separate app for that.
Posted to the wire 5159 days ago via Twitter.
Cimbriano: ^iPhone [Internet] defaults to WiFi even if signal/connection is poor, nothing loads. Happens a lot in public places, #3G would be better
Posted to the wire 5263 days ago via bugtwits.
mandamariecan: ^iPhone battery drains at lightning speed after OS update :(
Posted to the wire 5262 days ago via bugtwits.
flysonic10: ^iPhone when updating multiple apps, the "over 17" warning doesn't say which app it's for. #apple #bugtwits
Posted to the wire 5269 days ago via bugtwits.
bugtwits: Having issues with your #MMS? Post a bug with "^iPhone" at #bugtwits
Posted to the wire 5268 days ago via bugtwits.
Cimbriano: ^iPhone [Messages] should include prefs to have different colors x chat, opens to new text, but convo's look the same, wrong recipient oops
Posted to the wire 5264 days ago via bugtwits.
flysonic10: ^iPhone [App Store] needs to be able to localize for Poland
Posted to the wire 5254 days ago via bugtwits.
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